Purchased A Diesel Truck? 3 Things You Should Do To Keep The Engine Maintained

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Purchased A Diesel Truck? 3 Things You Should Do To Keep The Engine Maintained

8 March 2017
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If you just purchased a diesel truck and have never owned one before, you should understand that the engine is different than a standard truck. This does not mean it is not hard to care for, however, but you need to learn how to maintain it. This will ensure your truck stays on the road instead of in the repair shop. Below are three tips to help you get started.

Change Oil

Just as with a traditional engine, you need to make sure you get oil changes frequently. You should also change the filter when changing the oil. Refer to your trucks owner's manual to determine how often you should do this.

It is important that clean oil runs throughout the engine to keep everything lubricated. If the oil is dirty, it can scratch parts inside the engine and result in damage. If there is not enough oil, the parts inside the engine will rub together and cause friction and this can damage these parts quickly.

You should take the truck to a professional truck service to have the oil and filter changed if you have never done this before.

Drain Water Separator

You should keep the water separator drained for your engine. The job of this separator is to collect water from fuel. You can find the water separator near the fuel filter. The last thing you want is to have water in your fuel. This is because rust can build up in the fuel tank, which causes hard particles to get into the fuel. This will cause the engine to wear out much quicker over time. Water can also cause corrosion, and the water can freeze during the cold, winter months.

Add Diesel Treatment

To keep your diesel engine healthy, each time you stop for gas and finish filling the tank up, pour a bottle of diesel treatment into the tank also. This will keep the fuel clean and free of impurities. This is important, as the gas runs throughout the engine and if it is dirty it also gets the inside of your engine dirty.

You can purchase diesel treatment at an auto parts store. Talk with the salesperson about the best type of treatment for the truck that you have, as there are many brands on the market today.

Talk with a diesel repair technician to learn much more about diesel engines and how to care for them.