4 RV Features that Are Ideal for Traveling Sports Families

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4 RV Features that Are Ideal for Traveling Sports Families

21 April 2016
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When children advance in sports, it seems like the trips get further and further away. Instead of crowding the family vehicle, you can choose to purchase an RV instead. An RV provides plenty of space for families and makes it easier to enjoy all of the traveling games. As you shop for an RV, there are four features to look for. Each of these features caters specifically to your family and the world of sports. Once you find an RV with these features, you can easily travel and enjoy the full sports season on the road.

Exterior Kitchens

Instead of finding random locations to eat before or after a game, you can easily feed your family with an exterior kitchen on an RV. The inside of an RV is often crowded, making it hard to cook and prepare meals. The exterior kitchen opens up on the outside of the RV. It often features a small stove top and storage solutions for condiments, dinnerware, and food supplies. Not only are these exterior kitchens great for cooking, but it makes it easy to serve meals. For example, after the game, your child may bring some other players over to the RV to hang out and have a bite to eat. By featuring the kitchen on the outside of the RV, you can interact, serve food, and accommodate plenty of people without crowding the inside of the RV.

Exterior Shower Areas

Playing sports like soccer, baseball, and lacrosse can really build up a sweat. Instead of having your children drive all the way home in a sweaty uniform, you can allow them to shower off and get cooled down right at the RV. Interior showers are often crowded, but they will have plenty of room to stretch and bathe in an RV with an exterior shower. An exterior shower system features an enclosure that blocks them from the public. These showers can be used right at the sports field or if you decide to spend a night at a local campground or RV park. If there is a water tank on the RV, then you do not need a water connection to use the shower for short amounts of time.

Loft Storage Areas

When traveling to different team games, you often have a lot of equipment to bring on the road. Instead of stuffing equipment into trunks or other areas, an RV with a loft provides plenty of space and storage. High lofts are typically wide and open. This allows you to easily lay out long pieces of equipment like baseball bats, lacrosse sticks, or helmets. By adding a cargo net to the loft area, you can easily add balls, cleats and other equipment in the area. By storing everything up in a loft, you and your children will know exactly where to retrieve it when it comes time to go out onto the field.

Slide Out Decks

Instead of crowding up on the bleachers, you can park your RV in an open spot and have your own private viewing area. A number of modern RVs have started installing slide out decks. Instead of sitting on the ground, a slide out deck provides a a lifted view. This makes it easy to set up a few chairs and watch from the comfort of your RV. By pairing the RV with an awning, you can have a nice and shaded area that has clear views of the playing field. You will also have easy access to items inside the RV like drinks and snacks. The decks are typically attached to a small motor that automatically slides them out and back in. This makes it easy to set up the deck while parking.

Contact an RV dealer with a list of your most-wanted features so that you can select a vehicle that works best for you and your family. Along with sports, the RVs can also be used for camping adventures and other road trips. If you have more questions, click here for info about your options.