Finding a Qualified Diesel Service Center

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Finding a Qualified Diesel Service Center

1 March 2017
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If you own a truck with a diesel engine in it, you know the importance of finding someone you can trust to work on it. While there are shops that offer gas and diesel repair, the two engines are very different and it is a better option to find a shop that specializes in diesel engines. Because the diesel systems are so specific, you find that a service center that specializes in semi trucks might be better suited to work on your diesel truck than other garages.

Check Out Your Local Shops

If you are not sure where to take your truck, stop into a few local shops and talk to them about the kinds of work they offer and what their experience level with diesel engines is. If you don't feel comfortable with the shop after talking with them, check out a few others. You may find that you need to take the truck to a dealer to get that level of comfort you are looking for, but you may find a shop and mechanic that you really like during your search.

Start With Basic Maintenance

If you find a shop that you think may be a good fit, you can start by taking your truck in for service and see how it goes. If they do good work, you can start letting them deal with bigger jobs. Once you have a solid relationship established with them, you can let them handle your service work without concern. It won't be hard to tell if the technician knows diesel engines when you talk to them. And if you explain you are looking for a shop to handle all your work, they should be more than willing to take the time to talk about your needs.

Find a Truck Dealer or Semi Truck Repair Shop

Another option if you are not comfortable with the local shops is to find a large truck repair shop. Most of these shops will work on diesel pickups and work trucks and they know the systems inside and out. In some cases, these shops may be able to handle warranty work as well. They are not too hard to find if you look for diesel truck repair or something similar on your favorite search engine. Just like you did with the other shops you considered, take the time to explain your concerns and what kinds of service is typical for your truck. They will let you know if they can handle it or not pretty early in the conversation.

Seek Service at Your Local Dealer

While the cost will typically be a little higher, you can always take your truck to the dealership where you bought it or another one close to you for service. Some dealers will even offer free oil changes if you do you service there if you bought your truck through them. No matter where you take your truck, if you are not comfortable with the work, don't be afraid to question the shop to ensure you are getting what you came for.

To start your search, ask shops like Southwest Diesel Service Inc about what services they offer and see if they can help with your diesel repairs.