Three Things To Know About State Mandated Vehicle Inspections

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Three Things To Know About State Mandated Vehicle Inspections

3 April 2017
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Driving a car is something that many people will rarely give much thought to. Yet, there are many states where it is mandated to have these vehicles inspected on a yearly basis. For those that are new to living in areas with these requirements, it may be worthwhile to learn more about these inspections so that you can better appreciate these regulations.

Why Are Vehicle Inspections Required By The State?

Vehicle inspections may seem like they will be sizable inconveniences. However, they can be essential for minimizing the environmental damage these vehicles can cause. This stems from the large amount of emissions that can be produced by the engine of your car. During one of these inspections, the emissions from the engine will be measured to ensure that they are within the legally mandated range.

In some instances, the engine may be producing too many emissions. While this can be bad for the environment, it can also indicate a potential problem with the engine. By becoming aware of this problem, you will be able to have the engine repaired before it can lead to noticeable performance problems or malfunctions.

What Occurs During These Inspections?

The process of measuring your vehicle's emissions can seem like it will be a lengthy process. Yet, it is actually fairly simple for the emissions from your vehicle to be measured. This is done by placing a sophisticated tool near the exhaust pipe. This tool will measure the various chemicals that are in the exhaust. In many instances, the results of this test will be available within minutes, which may substantially reduce the inconveniences that can be experienced.

What Can Be The Penalty For Failing To Have Your Vehicle's Emissions Tested?

Some individuals may think that there will be few consequences for failing to have these tests and inspections done. However, many states enforce relatively steep penalties for failing to have these inspections done. For example, some states can impose expensive fines, suspend licenses, or take other aggressive actions. To avoid these potentially severe consequences, you should keep the documents from your last inspection in the vehicle so that you can quickly provide them to any police.

There are many states that have laws requiring drivers to have their vehicles tested to ensure that they are compliant with the applicable emission standards. Understanding the reason that these inspections are required, the fact that these tests can be completed fairly quickly, and the consequences that can happen when these inspections are not performed will enable you to be an informed driver.

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