For Everyone's Safety, Know These Signs Your Car's Brakes Are Failing

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For Everyone's Safety, Know These Signs Your Car's Brakes Are Failing

16 May 2017
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If you have noticed recently that your car doesn't seem to stop as easily as it once did or if you have been hearing noises when you brake, then it is possible that your car's brake pads are wearing out. Worn brake pads are not able to properly stop your vehicle, so it is vitally important that you take your car to the repair shop for a professional inspection and possible brake pad replacement at the first sign of a problem.

Since automotive brake pads often give off warning signs that they are wearing out, it is important to recognize these signs before your brake pads cause additional damage the brake's rotors. Damaged rotors are much more expensive to fix than simply replacing brake pads. To head off the need for more expensive repairs, here are the common signs that signal your vehicle's brakes require servicing:

High-Pitched Noises While Braking

If you apply the brakes and hear a high-pitched squealing noise, then this can be the first sign of brake pad wear. However, you can also hear the same exact noise if your car's brake pads have dust on them. If you have been driving on gravel roads, then there likely isn't a problem with your brakes and the sound should go away soon. However, if you only drive on pavement or the squealing doesn't stop in a couple of days, then it is not a harmless sound and should be checked out by a professional auto mechanic.

Pedal Vibration While Braking

A second sign that your car's brakes are worn out is vibration in the brake pedal when you try to stop your car. This vibration can be caused by pads with uneven wear patterns and also from damage to the brake's rotors. Since brake pedal vibrations are always a sign that something isn't right with your car's brakes, it is vital that you have your brake system inspected by an expert as soon as possible. Failure to replace the brake's pads in time will lead to damage of the rotors and more expensive repairs.

Extended Distance Needed to Stop

Finally, even if your car's brakes are not making any noise and you do not feel and unusual vibration in the brake pedal if it is taking longer to stop your car, then the brake pads are likely starting to wear out. Since it is vital that you are able to stop your car in times of emergency, you should have your brake pads replaced at the first sign of their wear.

If you have any cause for concern about your car's brakes, talk with Turnersville Transmission Center or another local service shop today.