Making Sure You Have Enough Vehicles Available For Employee Use

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Making Sure You Have Enough Vehicles Available For Employee Use

6 June 2017
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If you own a company that requires employees to make service calls and you use a fleet of vehicles which are kept on the premises of your property for use, it is important to keep them maintained so unnecessary downtime does not become an issue. There are some steps you can take to ensure your employees are able to handle service calls if one of your vehicles is out of commission. Here are some tips you can use within your company to keep vehicles within reach when needed.

Take Time To Map Out Routes

Instead of sending an employee to several different parts of the town to do service calls, it is best to schedule jobs in one locale with the same service worker. This will help in keeping the mileage down on the vehicles being used as well as minimizing wear and tear of the vehicles since they will not be on the road for extensive trips back and forth. When a vehicle is down for repair, send out two workers in one vehicle to the same area. One employee can drop off the other and pick them up when needed.

Consider Keeping A Back Up Vehicle 

When you have a fleet of vehicles and a bunch of people driving them to do jobs, it is best to have at least one additional vehicle ready to be used if necessary. This vehicle can be kept on your property for emergency purposes. Make sure employees check with their superior before they sign out the vehicle to be used for their jobs for the day. In a pinch, an employee can utilize their own vehicle and be reimbursed for their mileage and gas along with their regular paycheck. Forms would need to be filled out in advance indicating you will be responsible for paying for insurance and maintenance if needed.

Work Out A Deal With A Rental Company

Alert a vehicle rental service in your area that you may be in need of vehicles at the spur of the moment if one of your fleet needs to be repaired. If you are prompt with your payment and hand over vehicles in pristine shape after they are rented, the service will be apt to go out of their way to find you a working vehicle right away when the need arises. Let the rental service know you will pass the word on about their business to your customers or pay an additional fee in exchange for delivery service to your establishment. 

Contacta maintenance company, like Momentum fleet Services, for more help with your fleet.