Four Things To Look For When Buying A Fleet Of Trucks To Use For Your HVAC Business

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Four Things To Look For When Buying A Fleet Of Trucks To Use For Your HVAC Business

8 June 2017
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If you have decided to go into business for yourself and start an HVAC repair business, you need to be sure that you have a fleet of trucks for your workers to be able to use when they go to work each day. It is important to take your time when choosing the right trucks to use for your business to ensure that they will work well for you for years to come. The following guide walks you through a few factors to consider when buying a fleet of commercial trucks to use for your HVAC repair business.

Choose Trucks with Great Gas Mileage

When you purchase multiple trucks for your workers to use, it is important to remember that you will be fitting the bill for the gas that the trucks use. Be sure to choose trucks that are as fuel efficient as possible so that you can pay as little as possible in fuel costs.

Choose Trucks with Large Truck Beds

Your workers will have to haul large items from time to time, such as AC units and hot water heaters. You need to be sure that they are able to easily fit the items into the bed of their trucks. You also may want to consider adding ladder racks to the beds of the trucks so that they can haul long pieces of duct with ease, when needed.

Choose Trucks with Small Cabs

When you have multiple vehicles in your fleet, you will more than likely only have one to two workers in each vehicle. Vehicles with smaller cabs are usually more inexpensive than trucks with extended cabs. Choosing a small cab can be a great way to save money on the overall cost of the trucks.

Choose Trucks with Four-Wheel Drive

Your workers need to be able to get in and out of just about any terrain they enter. Four-wheel drive will allow them to easily get out of muddy or snowy areas with ease when needed.

If you choose trucks with all of these features, you will be able to rest assured that your workers are always able to get where they need to go so that they can perform their jobs as efficiently as they possibly can. You should be able to get a great interest rate when purchasing multiple vehicles if you have a decent credit score and put down a large lump sum as a down payment toward the purchase.