Purchased An Older Car? 2 Ways You Can Jazz It Up

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Purchased An Older Car? 2 Ways You Can Jazz It Up

8 August 2017
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If you purchased an older car you can jazz it up in many ways. This will make your car more personal for you and make it look even better. Two ways you can do this include adding new seat covers and floor mats. Keep reading to learn more about these two things so you can start dressing up your car.

Add Seat Covers

Seat covers can make the interior of your car look great. They can also help you feel more comfortable while you are driving. You can find seat covers that are made of different qualities of leather. There are also seat covers made of a nylon fabric, which is very durable and available in many colors. There is faux vinyl fabric that you can purchase that looks like leather. It is soft and is much less expensive than true leather.

There are companies that will customize car seat covers for you to put designs on them that you would like, as well as to fit your car seat perfectly. For example, you may want your favorite sport team's logo or create a design on your own.

Heated seat covers are available that have a mechanism that is built inside the cover that warms the cover when you turn it on. This can help keep you back, thighs, and legs warmer on cold days.

You can order car seat covers online and will likely be able to find more of a variety of them than what you would find in stores.

Replace Floor Mats

Because your car is older the floor mats are probably not in good shape. If this is the case, there are different types of floor mats available.

Fabric floor mats are not expensive and available anywhere that car parts are sold. These floor mats have a rubber backing so they do not slide and you can find them in a variety of designs and colors.

Rubber floor mats are more expensive but they are also more durable when compared to other types of floor mats. These mats will not slip and they have a textured surface so your feet will not slide on them. They are not available in a wide range of colors, however. They are easy to clean, however, as you can rinse them off with a hose when they become dirty.

To make your car look luxurious, there are 3D mats available on the market. These are the most expensive type, however. You can generally find these mats in shades of tan, beige, gray, and black. The mats are grooved so any dirt or water that gets on them will not roll off it and onto the floor's carpeting.

Think of other things you can do for your car, such as adding new rims or even giving the entire car a new paint job. Contact an upholster, like Rich's Custom Upholstery for more help.