3 Effects That Bad Fuel Can Have On Cars And What To Do About It

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3 Effects That Bad Fuel Can Have On Cars And What To Do About It

12 August 2017
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When you go to fill up at the gas station, you do not expect the fuel to cause your problems. Sometimes, getting bad fuel causes serious car troubles and engine failure; it will even cause you a loss in fuel efficiency at the least. When you have filled up with bad fuel, you will want to know how to identify the problem and how to deal with it. Here are the effects of bad fuel on cars and the solution to prevent serious car troubles:

1. Using the Wrong Type of Fuel and Effects on Different Engines

The fuel that you put in your car is important; if you put gasoline in diesel or Ethanol in a conventional gasoline engine, you are going to have problems. Gasoline in a diesel engine can cause parts to burn or if you put diesel in a gasoline engine, the engine may not even start. Ethanol burns hotter than conventional gasoline and can cause overheating and damage to components in a gasoline engine. When your car has been filled up with the wrong fuel, the entire fuel system needs to be flushed and cleaned before serious problems start.

2. Dirty Fuel and Problems It Causes with Fuel Injection Systems

The fuel that you put in your car is refined, but sometimes, particles and debris can get in the gas. When the fuel is dirty, this can cause serious problems with the fuel injection system. When the fuel-sensor becomes dirty, it may cause your car to lose power or stall out in the middle of the road. To prevent these problems, flush the bad fuel out of the tank and have an auto service clean the fuel injection system and replace the fuel-sensor if needed.

3. The Effects of High Water Content in Fuel on Car Engines

From the point of refining fuels, sometimes not all the moisture content is removed. This is common with diesel fuel, which is why fuel filters are needed to remove water and contaminates before fuel is used. Sometimes the water may come from the storage tanks buried in the ground at a fuel station, which can leak or have an unsecured lid that allows water to get in. When water gets in fuel, it causes inefficiency and can cause corrosion of metal parts in the engine. To solve this problem, the entire fuel system needs to be flushed and fresh fuel added to your car.

These are some of the problems that you may have when your car has bad fuel. Contact an auto service to help with some of these repairs when you have filled up with bad fuel.