3 Things You Can Do To Ward Off The Heat Until You Can Get In For Car AC Repair

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3 Things You Can Do To Ward Off The Heat Until You Can Get In For Car AC Repair

7 September 2017
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There is nothing quite like sinking into the comfortable seat of your vehicle in a cooled atmosphere when the sun outside is brutal. Unfortunately, much like an AC for your home, these units are not eternal and frequently have problems long before the car itself is ready for the junkyard. In the summertime when your car's AC is working its hardest, you are more likely to see it fail. Sadly, this means you will be left to wrangle the heat every time you have to take a ride in your vehicle. If you have to wait to get your vehicle into an auto service, there are a few ways you can try to keep the temperature down in your ride in the meantime:

Invest in a portable fan for your car. 

Believe it or not, you can actually buy a portable fan that you can use in your vehicle. There are fans that operate sheerly on battery power, but these tend to drain the batteries quickly, so opting for one that plugs into your cigarette lighter is a much better option. These portable fans usually have a base that boasts a clip so you can aim the fan at you while you drive. This may not be enough to cool the car, but it can keep the air circulating, which can help. 

Use window shades or blankets to block out the sun. 

The hardest part about getting into a car that has no AC is getting into it after it has been parked in the sun for a long period. The worst part is, it can seem like it takes forever to get enough airflow through the vehicle to cool it down even slightly. To help keep the temperature inside the car down while it is parked, use window shades or even heavy blankets to cover the windshield, back window, and other windows as much as you can. 

Look for a temporary AC solution. 

If all else fails and you are really suffering in the heat, you can buy portable AC units that can be used inside of a vehicle. These small appliances also plug into the cigarette lighter to harness enough power to function. The units are small but usually consist of a fan and a small AC compressor that produces cold air. While this can be a more costly solution, if you live in an area where temperatures are excessive, it could be money well spent. 

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