Caring For Your Vehicle's Brakes

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Caring For Your Vehicle's Brakes

22 September 2017
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Safety in any vehicle is often related to the ability of that vehicle to stop when needed. Brakes should always work well so you can avoid accidents and other driving problems. However, you may only be thinking of your vehicle's brakes when the brake light is lit up. There are other things, like those below, which you can be doing regularly to care for and preserve brake pads:

1. Slow Down 

If you're racing down the highway in your vehicle and must make a stop suddenly, the pressure on those brake pads is immense. If you're the kind of person doing high-speed braking because you enjoy high speeds, realize the strain you're putting on those components. You'll find you replace them much more quickly.

2. Use Memory

An important thing you can do daily for the vehicle's brakes is to consciously drive using your memory. Like many people, you probably have a regular commute route or some knowledge of where you're going, most of the time. Being able to draw on your memory of past drives, you're able to anticipate where you'll need to slow down for traffic lights and identify hairpin turns. Those memories will allow you to slow down with plenty of time to spare so that you can coast to a lower speed and apply brakes. This taxes brakes less and you can add a bit of time to their life.

3. Make Space

It seems obvious that tailgating isn't safe in most road conditions, but not only because you don't want to accidentally strike a vehicle in front of you. If you're constantly tapping the brake because other motorists are stopping short, such as in rush hour traffic, that's bad for the brake pads. You'll keep those pads warm, which can degrade them over time. Make things cooler on the brake system and hang back as much as possible.

4. Downshift on Dry Declines

You probably know that going down hills and mountains will require a lot from your brakes. However, you can provide relief with some downshifting. In lower gears, the engine is able to somewhat able to restrain the car from speeding down the hill. Braking in these gears isn't as hard on the pads. However, if you're in a snowstorm or know the road is already icy, avoid lower gears because the vehicle may skid. Only downshift when roads are dry.

Brakes are vital for vehicle safety. Observe these suggestions and ask your mechanic to check the entire brake system periodically to be confident that everything is fine. Contact a brake repair service for more information.