Five Signs You Need Transmission Repair

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Five Signs You Need Transmission Repair

15 November 2017
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The transmission of your vehicle is an intricate system that keeps your car driving smoothly on the road. Since it's a more intricate system, there is a great deal of wear and tear that can take place. There are many components that make up the transmission, so it's important that you notice the signs that something might be wrong so you can quickly fix it before it become worse and effects the other working components. Here are five signs you need transmission service:

  1. Leaking Fluid: If you notice red fluid leaking from underneath your vehicle, it's most likely transmission fluid. Take your vehicle in for repairs right away to repair that leak. Transmission fluid is extremely important for keeping your transmission running smoothly and at a decent temperature. Without the right amount of transmission fluid, the working parts rub against one another too harshly causing damage and it begins to overheat the vehicle. 
  2. Grinding Gears: If you notice a grinding sound when your car switches gears, you might just have low transmission fluid that you need to fix or it could be another problem. The best thing to do would be to check your transmission fluid level first. If it's at the right level, then it's definitely another issue you need a professional to look into for you. 
  3. Burning Smell: There should never be a burning smell coming from your car. If there is, it's most likely associated with your transmission. The most common issue is the clutch and it just needs to be adjusted or replaced because it is creating too much friction. However, if it's not this, it could be that your transmission is possibly overheating. 
  4. ​Slowing to Respond: If you have an automatic transmission and it's not shifting into gears whenever you put it into gear, then it most likely indicates problems with the transmission fluid levels. If it's not this, then it could be another issue. You will easily notice this because your engine will start revving much too loudly when you switch gears. 
  5. Falling Out of Gear: If your vehicle is falling out of gear suddenly, this is a major a dangerous issue that needs to be checked out. Be sure to contact a specialist right away to get it looked out. 

If you notice any of these five signs, you need to check it out right away. Transmission repairs can become quite expensive, but this usually isn't the case when you take care of the problems sooner rather than later.