3 Auto Maintenance Tips To Easily Improve Performance And Handling

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3 Auto Maintenance Tips To Easily Improve Performance And Handling

14 August 2018
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If you want to have a long-lasting car, auto maintenance is important. Some of the maintenance that you do to your car on a routine basis is also a great way to improve performance and handling. Doing the right routine more often will help you get more out of your car. Here are some tips that will help improve the performance and handling of your car.

1. Routine and Seasonal Fluid Changes for Optimal All-Weather Performance

Routine fluid changes like changing your oil, flushing the radiator, and overhauling your transmission are important to reduce wear. These maintenance tasks can also be done seasonally, whether you need them according to conventional standards or not. Seasonally changing your fluids will improve the performance of your car at different temperatures. In addition, you will also want to undergo a brake inspection and change the brake fluid to ensure you have brake power and improved handling.

2. Routine Tire Maintenance to Reduce Wear and Improve Daily Handling

Routine tire maintenance is also important to ensure your car has optimal handling. There are the conventional standards of checking your treads with a penny and having tires changed when they are below the head. There are also things that can be done more frequently, such as using different tires for different seasons and having an alignment done routinely when you do other maintenance. In addition, have your tires rotated regularly to ensure treads wear evenly, which is something that a brake service can quickly do for you.

3. Frequently Changing Filters and Cleaning Them for Better Performance

Your car also uses an air filter, oil filter, and gas filter to remove particles and improve efficiency. All these filters have one thing in common; they can get dirty quicker in harsh driving conditions. Therefore, more frequent filter changes are important. If you have a long daily commute or live on a dirt road, changing your filters more frequently can help improve performance and reduce wear. Another solution that you may want to consider is using cleanable air filters and cleaning oil filters with fresh oil and fuel filters with fresh fuel. Doing these simple maintenance tasks will ensure your car always performs like it should and maximize efficiency.

These are some auto maintenance tips that will help you improve performance and handling. If you need help caring for your car, contact a brake service and talk to them about the maintenance you need to have done more frequently.