Ensure Your Vehicle Can Pass Its Inspection

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Ensure Your Vehicle Can Pass Its Inspection

6 November 2018
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Failing a state inspection is never a good thing. Not only are you forced to submit your car to an inspection a second time, but if it's near the time your registration is due, your car's registration could even expire. You can avoid the scenario altogether if you know what to do. Discover some steps you can take to all but guarantee that your car passes inspection.

Damaged Wiper Blades

A leading reason for state car inspections is to ensure that all vehicles that drive on the road are safe for both the owners and other drivers. If your wiper blades are damaged, your car will not pass the benchmark. 

Damaged wipers are unable to adequately clean your windshield in the event of rain, which will impede your view. Visit a local hardware store and replace your blades if they are ripped, torn, or the rubber coating has worn away. 

Activated Engine Light

In many states, particularly those that also require a smog inspection, if your check engine light is on, this instance will typically lead to automatic failure. A check engine light is often an indication that the engine has some type of malfunction, and may be outputting an unsafe level of emissions as a result. 

Fortunately, a check engine light does not always mean catastrophic damage. Sometimes the reason for the light is a simple error. If the inspection center is also a repair shop, they should be able to hook your car's computer up to a system that can read the error and tell you what is specifically going on with the engine.

Worn Tires

When your tires are worn, the problem can create a serious safety hazard. Worn tires can impact your maneuverability, they can affect your stopping power, and during periods of rain, they can make your vehicle hydroplane. You must replace any severely worn tires before you take your car to an inspection center.

Visit your state's website to see what their tread depth minimums are to see whether or not your tires are with the standard. Also, don't assume that replacing a single tire or two will do the trick. All tires must be within standards and more importantly, driving with varying tread depths can still cause safety hazards when you drive.

The key to passing a vehicle inspection is to be prepared. Make sure your car is ready so that you can pass the inspection and register your vehicle with ease. Contact a shop, like Oak Hollow Tire Car Care Center Inc, for more help.