4 Tips To Keep Your Audi In Great Shape

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4 Tips To Keep Your Audi In Great Shape

10 February 2019
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Audi vehicles are the product of great German engineering. Audi owners and enthusiasts love the blend of luxury and functionality they receive from these cars. However, like any car, Audis need to be maintained so they can retain their value and perform at peak efficiency. Here are four tips to keep your Audi in great shape:

1. Wash your car.

Washing your Audi can keep it looking pristine, but aesthetics aren't the only reason to visit the car wash. When you let dirt, rain residue, and other debris accumulate on your car, these things can eventually stick to your paint. Over time, this can lead to dulling, corrosion, and other forms of damage to your vehicle's finish. You should wash your car at least twice a month, according to Meineke. If you live in an area that gets lots of snow and ice in the winter, you may have to wash your car more frequently to prevent road salt from accumulating and damaging your Audi.

2. Wax your car.

You may think the optional waxing service offered at many car washes is a meaningless add-on, but car wax actually serves an important purpose. Car wax can repel all sorts of harmful contaminants from your car and help you go longer between car washes. You don't need to wax your Audi every time you wash it, but you should at least wax it every six months. Wax can also prevent rust and water spots if you live in an area with heavy rainfall.

3. Have it serviced.

Proper maintenance is key for any vehicle, and this is especially true of luxury vehicles. Have your Audi serviced at least once a year; this appointment should include an oil change, wheel rotation, oil filter replacement, and engine inspection. For best results, you shouldn't take your car to just any auto shop. Instead, bring your Audi to an Audi service station. At an auto shop that specializes in servicing Audis, you can rest assured that they can provide the correct replacement parts for your car. These shops also staff repair technicians that are highly knowledgeable about Audis and the way they differ from other cars.

4. Get it detailed.

Detailing can keep your Audi looking like you just drove it home from the car dealership. During an auto detailing, professionals will clean the inside and outside of your car thoroughly. They'll remove dirt and dust from all the areas you normally wouldn't bother cleaning. Audi service stations typically offer detailing as an optional service, so don't be afraid to ask.

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