Three Automotive Brake Care Questions

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Three Automotive Brake Care Questions

24 September 2019
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Problems with your car's brakes can immediately render your vehicle unsafe to drive. However, brake issues will often take car owners by surprise as they may not pay much attention to this part of the vehicle. In fact, brake problems that develop gradually can even be difficult to notice as the slowly increasing stopping distance may not be noticeable to someone that drives the vehicle regularly.

What Happens If The Brake Pads Go Too Long Without Being Changed?

The brake pads are a key component of the vehicle's braking system as these pads will absorb the tremendous heat and friction that is generated by slowing the wheels of the car. As a result, these pads will experience major wear that will require them to be replaced if they are to continue protecting the brake rotors and other components. Failing to change these pads when they reach the end of their lifespan can lead to the vehicle rapidly suffering major damage to the permanent parts of the brake system. While there can be some costs and inconveniences involved with changing the brake pads of a vehicle, these are unavoidable to keep the vehicle safe to operate.

Should You Wait Until The Brake Pads Start Making Sounds Or Showing Other Unusual Performance Issues To Change Them?

Car owners may assume that they will only need to have their brake pads changed or serviced once they start to make squealing sounds or exhibit other problems. However, it is advisable to have the brake pads inspected with each oil change. While a normal set of brake pads will last for up to several years without needing to be changed, it is still essential to have them inspected so that unusual wear patterns, alignment issues, or other mechanical problems can be addressed before they cause damage to the brake components.

Is It Always Necessary To Hire A Mechanic To Change The Brake Pads?

While it may be technically possible for a person to change their brake pads on their own, this is usually a task that is difficult and complex enough to cause most people to avoid attempting this repair. For example, it will be essential to have the right tools to be able to lift the vehicle so that the brake pads can be easily reached. Otherwise, it will be far more difficult and time-consuming to remove the old pads and install the new ones. Furthermore, incorrectly attaching the brake pads can lead to a sudden failure that may put you at risk of an accident. Letting professional brake pad replacement services perform this vehicle maintenance will avoid these potential pitfalls.