Cracking 3 Myths About Frameless Glass Shower Doors

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Cracking 3 Myths About Frameless Glass Shower Doors

16 September 2022
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Are you renovating your bathroom or planning an entirely new house? If you're thinking about how to kit out your showers, there's no denying that frameless glass doors are one of the most premium, high-end options available. Unfortunately, there are also plenty of misconceptions and myths about using these doors.

If you're letting outdated ideas about frameless doors keep you from using these trendy and beautiful options in your home, you've come to the right place. This article will crack three of the most common myths about frameless doors so you can make an informed purchasing decision for your home.

1. Frameless Shower Doors Are High-Maintenance

One of the easiest myths to bust is that a frameless shower door will require more time and energy to maintain or clean. In reality, frameless shower doors are some of the lowest maintenance options available. Ultimately, this difference is due to the fact that frameless doors are much simpler than the alternatives.

With framed or semi-framed doors, you have multiple materials to clean and maintain. The metal frames require different cleaning products and techniques, and they're potentially vulnerable to corrosion. With a frameless door, you only need to worry about maintaining the glass, and there are no metal components besides the hardware.

2. Frameless Shower Doors Leak

It's a common misconception that frameless shower doors leak. However, this perception most likely comes from poor installations, incorrect usage, or outright misinformation. No shower enclosure is completely watertight, and any shower system will have one or more points where water can escape. However, the likelihood of this happening with a frameless door is no higher than in a framed system.

In general, leakage from around the seams is only a concern when directing high-pressure water directly at those weak points, something you should never do with a framed or frameless door. Pointing a shower head right at the seams of your shower door is like aiming water directly at a shower curtain, and it will produce similar results. When using your doors correctly, leakage shouldn't be a concern.

3. Frameless Shower Doors Are "Trendy"

Many people naturally rebel against installing "trendy" design features in their homes. This approach makes sense since classic features are more likely to stand the test of time and won't look outdated as the years go on. However, frameless shower doors are anything but a passing trend. In fact, these doors can help you achieve a highly desirable timeless look for your bathroom.

One of the main advantages of a frameless enclosure is the lack of metal framing, allowing the glass to highlight your bathroom's overall design and aesthetic. Whereas the metal framing you choose for an enclosure may quickly become outdated, your frameless enclosure will continue to sit back and allow the rest of your bathroom's décor to shine.

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