The Common Types Of Semi Repair

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The Common Types Of Semi Repair

14 March 2023
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Semi-trucks or trailers are flexible options as their tractor can detach from the trailer. This flexible design makes semi-trailers excellent transport means for your business. However, your semi-trailer may wear down as it ages or get damaged by weather elements. Also, your semi-truck may get involved in a collision resulting in damage. Hence, timely semi-truck repair is crucial to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. Here are the various semi-truck repair types that you may require.

Body Repair

Your semi-trailer's body may get damaged due to weather. For instance, UV rays may cause the fading of the body paint. Also, excess moisture may cause rusting of the body or even mold growth. Additionally, physical force may cause dents, holes, or cracks on the body. These types of damage may make your semi-truck look unappealing, potentially ruining your professional image.

In such cases, semi-truck repair may include buffing to conceal minor scratches, paintless dent removal, or repainting your truck. Mold and rust removal may also be necessary. This boosts vehicle aesthetics significantly.

Tire Repair

Tires carry the entire weight of your semi-truck. Therefore, the tires are susceptible to damage, especially if your semi-trailer travels long distances while carrying heavy goods. For instance, if your truck's tires move over sharp objects like glass or sharp-edged rocks, this may lead to a puncture. Hence, the tires may lose pressure fast and become flat. Driving on flat tires may accelerate wheel damage and increase accident risks.

Fortunately, semi-truck repair services can inspect your tires, identify problems, and provide appropriate solutions. For example, auto service professionals can fix a puncture by sealing pressure-escape points and filling the tire to the correct pressure level.

Brake System Repair

The brake system in your semi truck enables the truck to stop. However, your brake system may become less efficient due to various issues. For instance, you may need to press the brake pedal further than usual, using more effort. This may be an indicator of brake pad wear. Additionally, if you notice grinding or screeching sounds when you brake, the moving parts of your brake system may be experiencing friction.

Semi-truck repair for brake problems may include fixing brake pad issues and lubricating the moving components. However, always perform timely brake repairs to minimize truck collision risks while increasing your truck's lifespan.

The common semi-truck repair types include body, tire, transmission, and brake system repairs. Consider performing these semi-truck repairs to protect your vehicle's aesthetics, performance, and longevity. For more information on semi-truck repair, contact a company near you.