Deciding Between Car Dealers

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Deciding Between Car Dealers

When it comes to buying a car, choosing the right make and model is one thing, and finding the right car dealer is another thing altogether. A few years ago, I purchased a car from one of my cousin's dealerships, and I absolutely loved the quality of service that they offered. I am here to tell you what your car dealership can do for you, so that you know how you want to be treated as you shop. If you really care about saving money and working with nice, intelligent dealers, check out this blog for tips on how to make your shopping experience productive.


Understanding Excessive Disc Brake Rotor Wear

15 June 2021
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You only need to replace your disc brake rotors (sometimes known as just "discs" or "rotors") once every 70,000 miles for most vehicles. Although these items are technically considered wear parts, they last much longer than your pads, and you can often extend their lifespan through resurfacing. Unfortunately, other issues can cause your rotors to wear away much more quickly. Worn rotors can cause several issues, including reduced stopping power, unpleasant noises, vibrations, and increased brake pad wear. Read More …

Why You Should Buy A Performance Engine Vs. Building One

14 October 2020
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If you want your car to have a performance engine, then you might be wondering about the best way to acquire one. As you probably already know, you can purchase a crate engine that is already ready for use. However, instead, you might be thinking about building a performance engine. This might seem like the best way to get the engine that you want, but you will probably find that simply buying a ready-to-install performance engine is going to be a better choice for these reasons and more. Read More …

5 Benefits Of Car Window Tinting

9 December 2019
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If you're looking to make some improvements to your vehicle, you may be thinking of investing in a car window tint. Many people choose to make this investment because of the benefits that it offers. It'll make your car look great and can provide you with UV protection on sunny days. The best part is a professional can take care of the tinting work for you. Here are some of the benefits of car window tinting:  Read More …

What To Do When Your Car Won’t Start

12 November 2019
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A car that won't start can have a lot of causes. Many times it is something small that is easy to repair, but sometimes the repair can be something larger, and the only option you have is to tow the car to an auto repair shop. Knowing what to check and when to take the car to the shop is an important first step, so here are some tips that can help. Read More …

Three Automotive Brake Care Questions

24 September 2019
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Problems with your car's brakes can immediately render your vehicle unsafe to drive. However, brake issues will often take car owners by surprise as they may not pay much attention to this part of the vehicle. In fact, brake problems that develop gradually can even be difficult to notice as the slowly increasing stopping distance may not be noticeable to someone that drives the vehicle regularly. What Happens If The Brake Pads Go Too Long Without Being Changed? Read More …