Deciding Between Car Dealers

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Deciding Between Car Dealers

When it comes to buying a car, choosing the right make and model is one thing, and finding the right car dealer is another thing altogether. A few years ago, I purchased a car from one of my cousin's dealerships, and I absolutely loved the quality of service that they offered. I am here to tell you what your car dealership can do for you, so that you know how you want to be treated as you shop. If you really care about saving money and working with nice, intelligent dealers, check out this blog for tips on how to make your shopping experience productive.


Determining If A Car Transmission Is Problematic

12 September 2018
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Driving is a great privilege to have, but it can be unsafe to do if done in the wrong car. Most states make it mandatory for inspections to be performed to ensure that certain aspects of a vehicle are in good shape. A part of your vehicle that you should get in the habit of providing regular maintenance for is the transmission, as it can become damaged and lead to an accident. Read More …

3 Auto Maintenance Tips To Easily Improve Performance And Handling

14 August 2018
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If you want to have a long-lasting car, auto maintenance is important. Some of the maintenance that you do to your car on a routine basis is also a great way to improve performance and handling. Doing the right routine more often will help you get more out of your car. Here are some tips that will help improve the performance and handling of your car. 1. Routine and Seasonal Fluid Changes for Optimal All-Weather Performance Read More …

Earning Your Commercial Driving License

30 May 2018
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Earning a Commercial Driving License (CDL) will help you earn, on average, nearly $40K annually. However, you can increase your earning power drastically if you're will to drive your education and training a little further. Here are some additional certifications to give your CDL more market leverage, employment options, and career trajectories. T A T certification allows you to drive double or triple semi-trailers. Although not all states allow triple trailers, adding a T certification onto your CDL can increase your employment opportunities. Read More …

4 Ways To Maximize Your Vehicle’s Off-Road Performance

6 April 2018
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If you love driving but you want to take your adventuring to the next level, it's time to steer your vehicle off the pavement and out into the wild. Driving off-road can be an adrenaline-filled joyride that forces you to develop your driving skills, technique, and even your courage. But is your rig ready for the wilderness? Here are four ways you can improve your vehicle's performance off the road and out on the trail. Read More …

Top 4 Questions To Ask An Auto Shop About Repairs On Your BMW

23 February 2018
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When your BMW is having mechanical issues or needs body work, you don't want to trust just any auto shop with the repairs. Specifically, you'll want to find an auto shop or dealership that specializes in BMW service. After all, BMWs are a unique breed of vehicle. As you're shopping around for the right professional to trust with your repairs, there are a few questions worth asking. Will You Order Original Manufacturer's Parts? Read More …